After Photo of Brennan Hipkiss

Brennan Hipkiss, 13

Brennan came to WadeTrained the summer before his 7th Grade year. Not unlike a lot of 12 year olds Brennan was lacking confidence in his body. He got picked on at times about being chubby and struggled to keep up strength and speed-wise with his same aged peers in his sport of Basketball.

After sitting down with our coaches Brennan set a goal that he simply wanted to “be slim” and to get stronger and move better for basketball.

Brennan had never trained before in his life aside for his basketball practices; the gym and a lot of the movements were very foreign for him, and his weak core didn’t help his cause and he often would say “I don’t think I can do that.”

However, what Brennan did catch onto was the idea of the Limitless Mindset and that every challenge is an opportunity to learn and improve. Even though he was challenged often, he always kept trying, learning and adapting. His mind pushed his body further than he believed was possible and the “I cants” began transforming into confident energy.

When Brennan’s initial 3 Month program had ended he there was no way anyone would call him “chubby” anymore. He had gotten the “slim” look he wanted and was much stronger, faster and confident in his athletic abilities.

Brennan has continued his training, has graduated from “Foundations” to “High School Prep” and is training to play high school basketball AND soccer!

After Photo of Shane Dugan

Shane Dugan, 16

I came to WadeTrained during my 8th grade year, not sure about what sports I wanted to play in

high school. I was really skinny and fell over in my first evaluation doing a simple squat!

At that point I was 5’7 135 and all I knew was I wanted to get faster, stronger and put on lots of

muscle. That summer, I trained like a madman, 5x a week. It was the best summer ever and Coach Wade made me feel at home in the gym.

That summer I gained 25 pounds of pretty much all muscle and decided to play football even though I had never played before. Coach Wade had lots of confidence in me and I made Varsity as a freshman. Now I’m a 6 ft 210 lb Sophomore and am preparing to play a major role on Seton LaSalle High School’s Defense as a Middle Linebacker and hopefully as a Captain.

There’s no way I would’ve gotten here without Coach. He always has a plan for me to keep pushing me forward no matter if it’s In Season, Off Season, Completely Healthy or Beat Up during the long season.

I’ll never train anywhere else.

After Photo of Donel Accorsi

Donel Accorsi, 41

I  came to WadeTrained to lose weight and get my confidence back and the WadeTrained team did NOT let me down.

The 21 day challenge was difficult, but Ryan and his staff are so friendly and attune to each individual persons needs. Sometimes I needed modifications to the exercises and it was like they already knew what I needed.

I was amazed when I found out I set a FitMom record by losing 15 LBS in my first 21 days. I look and feel like a whole new person!

After Photo of Dani Ranalli

Dani Ranalli, 40

I lost 9% Body Fat, and 3.5 lbs off my waist with the FitMom Challenge and slid into my wedding dress NO PROBLEM, but best of all I can regularly play with my kids at their favorite trampoline park!

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