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After Photo of AMANDA O’LEARY


Amanda made the decision to come to WadeTrained to stop the downward spiral of her health. A former avid runner, in the past Amanda had ran many five and 10K events. However, in 2011 Amanda began experiencing Thyroid issues. She rapidly began to gain weight, lose energy and motivation to put her health needs 1st in her life. During the 21 day FitMom Challenge Amanda lost 4 LBS, 3% BodyFat and 3 1/2 inches from her waist! She has continued her progress further and by losing over 20 lbs Amanda has continued her health and fitness journey and is constantly building on her amazing results, feeling stronger, more energized and overall healthier.
After Photo of Shawn O’donnell

Shawn O’donnell, 12

Shawn came to WadeTrained as an 11 year old, very dedicated hockey player struggling to win races to the puck and battles in the corners. In the first 6 months of training 3-5x per week Shawn gained 15 lbs of lean muscle and increased his strength and speed dramatically. Now a full year and three months later, Shawn is one of the strongest athletes at WadeTrained pound for pound, regularly wins his races to the puck and can often be seen winning battles in the corners against 3-4 opposing players.
After Photo of Lucas Reese

Lucas Reese, 14

I came to WadeTrained to improve my Cross Country and Track times. In this first year i've taken 27 seconds off my mile (i'm under 5 Mins now!)
After Photo of Austin Hendrick

Austin Hendrick, 14

Austin came to WadeTrained to put on muscle and improve his all around strength and speed for baseball. During his first off-season training at WadeTrained he gained 30lbs of lean muscle in 6 months. Now Austin is ranked by Perfect Game Baseball as the #1 Freshman in the Country He recently had his bat speed clocked at 98 MPH at a national showcase. 6 MPH faster than anyone else at the event!  

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