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Football season is right around the corner with the Steelers Kicking off against the Patriots in the annual Thursday night Kickoff game of the NFL season. The excitement and the energy and buzz this time of year brings to this city is unquestionable.

With that unquestioned energy comes huge football parties where a different kind of buzz takes over, and families and friends sit in front of their TV for three hours of watching grown men live their dreams while the party goers stuff themselves with chips and dips, cookies and cakes, beer, wings and brats.

It’s not exactly a poster of an empowered, healthy lifestyle.

I’m always of the belief that no matter what the situation, case for celebration or mourning can be transformed into a motivation to live OUR dreams, to empower ourselves and our families to become healthier, happier and more fit.

Maybe this year that’s the championship on the line.

Just maybe, this year you don’t want you and your families’ fitness goals to take a backseat to football. But your fandom cannot be put into question! A moral dilemma no doubt, but where there’s a will, there’s a way!

If you want to make a run at your families fitness championship you’ll need a scouting report against unhealthy habits and a game plan to execute healthy ones.

Scouting Report (Opponents Tendencies)

Your Gameplan





Football players are known for their physical prowess. This doesn’t just magically cultivate itself on the field. It takes 12 Months of work to build, use and maintain their bodies. It takes a limitless mindset, a specific nutrition plan and of course a ton of physical training.  Realize that making a change is a commitment, not a decision. It takes practice, patience and consistency, but if you can control 3 things – Mindset, Nutrition, Training you’ll be more proud of you and your family living out your dreams, than the guys on the field living out theirs.

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