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Whoever said “Everyone is a leader, some are just more effective” is a boldfaced liar.

Think about your greatest goals. Do you have an unwavering desire to not only succeed yourself, but raise the standard and the quality of hustle and work of the people around you for a greater cause?

“To completely trust, and be trusted based upon actions, emotions and spoken words.”

How does this fit in with your greatest goal you just had in mind?

This rare quality is unique to only a small percentage of the population. With it teams win championships, organizations make billions and everyone raises their level of success.

Leadership is a quality few truly posses, it’s almost as if it’s a special gene a unique percentage of the population are born with. In some, you can see their ability as a leader emerge from a young age, the ones who march to the beat of their own drum. Some hone their leadership and sculpt it over years of trial and error. No two leaders are ever exactly alike, yet all have the ability to take their unique genius and leverage it in a way that can inspire a group to have a greater meaning together, to achieve the ultimate success that could not be achieved by one (wo)man. All leaders are imperfect.

While your style of leadership and means to becoming a great leader may be unique to you, it goes without saying there are a few true qualities all dynamic leaders have. If you have the rare leadership “gene” taking the following actions will put you in position to grab the attention of your team around you, lead them to success and gain their respect.

#1 Have Abundance

Everyone sees growth in success, leaders see it more-so in failure. They know the journey to triumph is long and there is a lesson to be learned in each step.  When a leader is abundant they dissect each lesson learned, take note and teach the others around them. They also realize their vision of the lesson is only one perspective, they seek out the opinions of their team to elevate their own knowledge. Abundant leader’s will not shy away from hardship or resistance, but actively seek them out as challenges to overcome. They have a system in place to be confident in their abilities and know the right questions to ask which often includes “what can I learn from this situation.” Abundance means never being short sighted or allowing the present to overwhelm the long term vision.

#2 Constant Imperfect Hustle

There is no time for unproductive actions or thoughts when the vision is success. Leader will often ask themselves “does this make me better,” and only if the answer is yes does it warrant them to take constant, imperfect action to set the standard of the hard work and determination it takes to achieve. Because they have the foundation of abundance they know imperfect hustle lays a foundation, and the lessons that come after build on top. That’s how results happen.  You’ll never find a great leader that says “I’m too busy.” They know everyone is only as busy as they choose to be, often making time to put in extra work with the members of their team who have began to follow suit and choose to hustle instead of focusing on factors that don’t attribute to the long term goal. Leader’s make the time..

#3 Take Comfort in being Uncomfortable

Giving direction means you’re the boss; exemplifying the direction means you’re a leader. Success is often a direct correlation of how many uncomfortable moments you have overcome. Finding comfort in uncomfort set’s teams up for greatness. Leader’s take pride in being the example, always going first without fear of failure (again abundance.) Leader’s have the strength to take an ego hit,to be looked at with doubt to sometimes look foolish because they extract fear from their decision making; they know limits and fear share a commonality, they are imaginary.

#4 Take Ownership

Leader’s take pride in being the possible fall (wo)man. It gives them added motivation, added uncomfort (abundance,) added adrenaline. They will gladly be the ones to take criticism, be the first to learn a lesson. They’ll also take warranted praise and distribute it amongst their team. They’ll put themselves in the background and highlight the contribution of everyone. They don’t need acclaim from the outside. #5 is enough…..

#5 Give and Receive Trust Freely

There’s no substitute for trust within a leader. It is their prize possession, their trophy in their heart. This is raw, it’s real, it’s greater than any amount of tangible success because it’s been earned over the long haul. Whether it’s accepted from a member of the team, or given to someone else, trust cannot be duplicated. Leaders know giving and receiving trust means they have done their job, they have contributed to the greater good. Trust is their championship, their earnings.

Do these 5 Attributes speak to you? Do you think you have what it takes to be a great leader and really excel in all these listed areas? Does contribution to others and gaining trust motivate you higher than any trophy ever could? Take the action to accelerate to ability to lead your team and get the amazing results achieved when you put the whole athletic package together…

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