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Imagine you have just reached your highest goal…The Pinnacle of what you have set out to achieve. Goosebumps run down your spine as you realize you have just accomplished the most you have ever set out to experience. You’ve set a new standard for yourself.

Think about it for a moment. What have you achieved? What does it mean to you?

What’s next?

When we set a goal, often times it is forgotten that the day will come, if you have taken all the correct steps …that you will actually get there.

And when you do..what do you have left?

It’s been easy to dream at to this point, setting an initial goal just takes some thought and hype…how will you take the next step?

The environment that has been so good to you to this point is about to change. The bar raised.

Like going back to school again, you find yourself searching for new, more effective habits….what you’ve done to achieve to this point just won’t cut it.. Comfort may set in.. Resistance sets in.

The phase I hear most at this juncture “It was easier to focus” when I hadn’t reached my goal.”

Saying “Easier to focus” is like saying “easier to care about myself” … it’s an excuse some will use as they prepare for a change in their everyday habits, routines and lifestyles.

What it is…is a desire killer… a hard work killer…  a losers mentality

“I had an amazing summer…I crushed my training consistently.. I look the best I ever have…I had SUCCESS….but it was so much easier when I hadn’t reached my goal.”


When you have a goal and you have committed yourself fully, resistance should be expected.. should be prepared to be torn through.. not used as an excuse to give any less than what you have proven to yourself you are capable of…

Resistance is a funny thing… It’s solely dependent on how you shape your thoughts.. yet everyone will encounter it, do that dance.. learn whether they are a fighter or a flighter…

Resistance will try to take away your DESIRE. It’s in these moments we truly find out what we are made of… It takes more than positivity…you need to be un-phased by a change in your environment…even a step further, you need to know how to adapt…HAVE A PLAN

Your DESIRE is the only constant you have when you dream big … but here’s the kicker… life happens… resistance happens.. are you strong enough to overcome?

Resistance may come from within or outside you – your environment may change leaving you feeling disappointed or frustrated the results (or lack of).. but if you expected this. you could shift your mindset that it is just a challenge you are set to overcome….every challenge is a learning opportunity that helps you grow.

If you unfit to accept the presence of resistance you will get ANNAIHILATED….stopped dead in your tracks…progress rescinded.. dreams and goals crushed…DEAD ON ARRIVAL

How to Overcome Resistance – Shift Your Mindset

Every challenge starts and ends with if your systems of values, beliefs and rules will allow you to overcome.  If you’re stuck in a rut and for some reason cannot seem to work past it chances are you have a misalignment somewhere.

Example: If your goal is to make a team or get a promotion –

-But you value relaxation over sacrifice

-But you believe “good things come to those who wait” over “good things come to those who work”

-But your personal rule is that you leave your work (athletic) life at work (on the field)

There is your problem…   Because someone else out there




I outline a roadmap to creating more empowering beliefs here >>

(It’s a little choppy, stick with it and take the actions… create empowering habits)


I mentioned briefly above that resistance will rear it’s head when we are forced to change a habit or a routine. These are what create the greatest amount of consistency in our lives.

A habit is an act that is practiced consistently, tested, refined to form a series of habits that works to optimize our life.

This series of habits is called a routine.

If your goal is the finish line, your habits are the roads and your routine…the directions

Constant analysis and refinement of our habits and routines is necessary to create our path to success.

In order to assure we will end up at our goal, we must first make sure we have the right destination.

You must decide what it exactly is in your life you actually want….

Here in lies some conflict… too often people know what they don’t want and not exactly what they do….

Decide what EXACTLY you want in your life.  What will make you happy at the end of every day…

Next, decide what habits/Routines you need to adopt to start your journey.

How will you plan each day?

How will you decide what tasks get accomplished?

How will you execute those tasks in the most enjoyable way possible?

How will you know when to relax and refuel?

How ill you manage your stress and time?

Having a dream is easy. All it takes is a thought about how cool your life would be if you achieved it.  Overcoming the resistance along the way and embracing the constant grind and hustle is what separates the dreamers from the achievers.

Nobody said it would be easy, but it will be worth it.

Prepare yourself to always overcome.

Become Limitless


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