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If you believe you’re going to lose weight or get healthy and energized from simply exercising every day, I’m sorry to tell you, you’re mistaken.

Through the years of consulting and coaching hundrends and hundrends people of how to get energized, get healthy, and take advantage of all life has to offer, what I’ve seen get the most amazing results time and time again is developing the big three pillars




When you can put together a plan that adresses everything attributing to your problems, that’s when you’ll see real change happen.

In The Parents Guide to Developing Young Athletes I talk about who the development of all three pillars is ultimatley the determining factor in the success of the athlete.

If if you don’t have a young athlete at home, many of these same principles apply to you if you are just trying to learn and improve

How to exercise for a specific result

How to eat to get energized and improve your health

How to ease your mind, de-stress and sleep better

Here’s a quick excerpt:

“The reason I like to think of this developmental foundation as pillars is because together they hold up the entire structure. Think about it: Pillars support and provide a solid base for the construction above them. If one pillar starts to crack or weaken, the other pillars are going to crumble just as fast as the first. I also like to use this visual because the pillars start from the groundwork of the structure and extend upwards, signifying the same growth within the athlete.

Athletes of every sport need to have physical preparation. They need to know how to sustain their energy levels through a working knowledge of their nutrition. And finally, and probably most importantly, they need mental preparation. Without these three foundational aspects, these pillars, the athlete will never be able to sustain a level of performance that can be improved and added upon year after year. Their “structure” as an athlete would be weak, their pillars would be cracked and therefore the structure could not stand for long.

For the math minded out there, consider this criteria and equation:

Training = Strength & Conditioning
Nutrition = Health
Mindset = Attitude

Training + Nutrition + Mindset = Athlete

The thought that physical training could stand alone within the athlete, to provide constant improvement, is a drastic oversight. With that said, I have worked with young athletes who do not have any confidence issues, train very hard, and eat Nutella sandwiches the majority of meals in a day; the key word in that sentence is that they are YOUNG athletes (typically in the 10-12 year old range) and they are yet to start adopting the nutritional advice I give them. They are still learning what makes a difference in their performance and it may take a while to overcome their predetermined thoughts that nutrition and mindset are not as important as physical training. With this type of young athlete we will continue to educate them on positive, growth-based mindset and how to have nutritional success. However, I am a believer in exploratory learning. I think that there is a more powerful, lasting impression when I let my athletes attempt at taking a short cut, only to have them realize on their own that it will leave them coming up short. The power of this learning experience creates curiosity and leaves them with a stronger desire to learn more about how to improve.  If a strong enough connection is made with these athletes’ goals, and they care enough to watch the other athletes they train around, ultimately the “iron sharpens iron” rule comes into play. These young athletes who are making small, incremental strides eventually begin asking about why they aren’t making the much larger improvements of the other athletes. I personally see this as one of the most critical moments in a young athlete’s development, and treat it as such.

At this point he or she is consciously aware that there is something they can improve on. Even if they have been training what they believe to be their hardest and making small strides forward, at this point they are now aware there is more to the equation than hard work.”

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