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Even moreso during the fall months when
being basic is all the rage.

And we can hide under sweaters and jeans.

Even for some of the most disciplined
the Great Unicorn Experiment begins.

The Great Unicorn Experiment is thinking you can have it all

To eat anything you want on the weekends and still
achieve or at least maintain the body that you want.

To put off exercise for a couple days, and expect
The Great Unicorn to reward you for your
consistency from Monday – Thursday.

It just doesn’t happen.

But The Great Unicorn can teach you a great lesson.

Awareness of what is realistic and what is fantasy is
massively beneficial when trying to lose weight.

Everyone (my hand is raised) tells themselves stories
to try and justify the unhealthier decisions they make.

But keeping a dose of reality is crucial.

and I can’t put it any simpler than this

Calories out > Calories in is Undefeated

and when you’re out and about on the weekends
chances are very likely you’re taking more calories in.

A meal out easily can reach 1,000 calories +
with no veggies
and more carbs and fats than you’d normally intake

Add in a PSL, a Pumpking or some nice red vino and your
leaving your results in the hoofs of The Great Unicorn.

By no means am I trying to be the fun sucker.

I love all those things.

Flying on the Great Unicorn is a nice thought for a time.

Until Monday morning rolls around and your stomach is in knots.

Here’s a handful of tips for keeping a healthy dose of reality on the
weekends so you can keep your weight loss journey moving forward.

– water, water, water, water – Don’t leave home without it
– assure their is always veggies on your plate (and eat them first)
– bring a grab bag of healthy snacks out so you don’t go to a restaurant ravenous
– every week have 3-5 floating cheats,
if you’re going out, save 2 for the weekend.
– when you pick the restaurant you’re going to, pick out what you’ll order ahead of time
& request to not have a menu when you sit down (so you can stick to the plan.)

Quit waiting on the Great Unicorn to save you.


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