Dani Ranalli, 40

Coaching Photo of Dani Ranalli

Dani came to WadeTrained looking to improve her self-image and energy levels. Fed up with colored tupperware and magic shakes,  the downward progression of her health & not having the energy to keep up with her kids, Dani decided on the day she got engaged that it was the time to take action.


When Dani Ordered her wedding dress, she ordered it two sizes small, knowing she had to lose the weight. She was anxious & scared but knew she had no choice but to commit to a plan she knew would work for her.


Dani joined became a member of WadeTrained in November of 2015 as a participant in the FitMom challenge.


The start was not easy, Dani struggled with her workouts to, her conditioning was down and needed to take extended breaks outside between sets for the first couple sessions.

“WadeTrained is such an amazing place to better yourself, I love their passion for what they do. I look at so much differently in my life since starting the FitMom Challenge and now in the Body Transformation Academy. I am so much more aware of what I eat,  how I exercise and how I look at things. I love that the staff never treats anyone like a number & truly care about us.”

Transformation Before Photo of Dani RanalliTransformation Before Photo of Dani Ranalli

I lost 9% Body Fat, and 3.5 lbs off my waist with the FitMom Challenge and slid into my wedding dress NO PROBLEM, but best of all I can regularly play with my kids at their favorite trampoline park!


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