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What training options do you have for Women’s Fitness?

No matter what your current state of health and fitness is, there’s no better time than now to make a change. By getting started with a customized training program with professional supervision, you can be sure you’ll see results as quickly as possible—without having to figure it out on your own or doing the same thing year after year.

Is this the right program for me?

Everyone who joins the WadeTrained Family comes in motivated by different reasons, but many of our members share at least one (or more) of the following goals:

Smiling woman training at WadeTrained with Kettlebells.

You want to lose weight and tone your problem areas

With a program actually built for your unique body

Even if you have pain or arthritis!

“Caroline Lost 20lbs in just 30 days & has no more arthritis pain!”

“I started working out at Wade because I had a lot of pain with arthritis, and I needed a solution to help me get fit for my job (in which I have to lift heavy items all day.)

After working out for just 30 days twice a week, adjusting my nutrition (with my coaches help,) and adapting my at home exercises provided for me, I no longer had any pain, and I lost 20 pounds!

Literally no arthritis aches!

Seriously, if I can do it, anyone can do it. I feel 10 years younger!”

Dani Ranalli Training with Kettlebell at WadeTrained.

You want to feel strong and confident.

I came to WadeTrained I flat out did not feel confident about myself. I didn’t like my body and I hated that I couldn’t play with my five kids for more than a few minutes without getting out of breath. My energy levels and happiness suffered dramatically.

I also had some added motivation when I ordered my wedding dress two sizes small before I joined!

I was anxious and scared, but had no choice but to commit to a plan I knew would work for me.

When I saw WadeTrained’s FitMom Challenge on Facebook, I was a little hesitant, but after my problem solving session I knew It was a great fit for me, becuase the atmosphere was so family oriented, the trainers are so positive and focused on each individuals specific needs.

21 days later I couldn’t believe what I was looking at in the mirror!

Not only I had lost and 3.5 inches off my waist, but because I could fit into my wedding dress, and play with my kids at their favorite trampoline parks I felt like a much better mother.

That confidence and strength is what fuels me everyday now.

WadeTrained is such an amazing place to better yourself, I love their passion for what they do. I look at so much differently in my life since starting. I am so much more aware of what I eat,  how I exercise and how I look at life’s challenges that used to cause me so much anxiety. I love that the staff never treats anyone like a number & truly care about us.

—Dani V

You want more energy so you can enjoy all of life’s adventure.

I came to WadeTrained originally because I had truly let myself go, my weight was causing deep depression and anxiety. All I ever wanted to do was sit on the couch.

As a mother of two daughter’s in their late teens and 20’s, and a full time caregiver for my granddaughter, it had been a very long time since I had put myself first with anything in my life.

I’d always say “i’m too tired,” “I don’t have time,” “I can’t do it anyway.”

To say I was out of shape was an understatement! I struggled the first couple of sessions, taking many breaks and sometimes not finishing, but the WadeTrained team was so supportive of me doing what I needed to improve at my own pace. They put all their confidence in me that I could change my training, nutrition and mindset, and that helped me keep going when I felt defeated.

I’m now 8 months into my training and my life has made a complete 180!

I love my body, I constantly need to buy new clothes to fit into (which is amazing!)

I’m completley off of anti-depressants!

I have energy to chase my 4-year-old granddaughter as long as she wants, and I’m truly happy now!

WadeTrained has given me all of this!

—Dawn M

After Photo of Donel Accorsi

Donel Accorsi, 41

I  came to WadeTrained to lose weight and get my confidence back and the WadeTrained team did NOT let me down.

The 21 day challenge was difficult, but Ryan and his staff are so friendly and attune to each individual persons needs. Sometimes I needed modifications to the exercises and it was like they already knew what I needed.

I was amazed when I found out I set a FitMom record by losing 15 LBS in my first 21 days. I look and feel like a whole new person!

After Photo of Dani Ranalli

Dani Ranalli, 40

I lost 9% Body Fat, and 3.5 lbs off my waist with the FitMom Challenge and slid into my wedding dress NO PROBLEM, but best of all I can regularly play with my kids at their favorite trampoline park!

After Photo of AMANDA O’LEARY


Amanda made the decision to come to WadeTrained to stop the downward spiral of her health. A former avid runner, in the past Amanda had ran many five and 10K events.

However, in 2011 Amanda began experiencing Thyroid issues. She rapidly began to gain weight, lose energy and motivation to put her health needs 1st in her life.

During the 21 day FitMom Challenge Amanda lost 4 LBS, 3% BodyFat and 3 1/2 inches from her waist!

She has continued her progress further and by losing over 20 lbs

Amanda has continued her health and fitness journey and is constantly building on her amazing results, feeling stronger, more energized and overall healthier.

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